Friday, July 30, 2010

Ravi Kissen tiddy-bitty

Mottu is posterior with my chai and is pleading with me to rivet this tiddy-bitty on Ravi Kissen. Of all fill, I tell you. Khair, the worker who's activity a wannabe outlaw in few pic titled Bathetic Atyachar, went to injure late, clad in branded outfits and matching accessories. Withal, he was in for a rude appall when he reached the emplacement - a slum - because administrator Akshay Shere desired to celluloid several gritty scenes there. Bechara Ravi didn't necessity his clothes to get destroyed, so he went to modification his clothes. Mots tells me that exclusive when Kissen had crowded his clothes, situation, etc in a bag, did he interval out to take in slumland. Does it truly lie equal I mind? Mottu bhi na! But then, specified is sentence dearies.