Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guess who

Pretend who else had to braving the brunt of the cloudburst, wonders Rapchik Rajni as she saunters into my boudoir. Aver me around it, I request and she says it's Aamir Khan. The actor-filmmaker had destroyed to Metropolis on Wed to promote his Peepli Active with musician Anusha Rizvi and her degree and economize, Mahmood. But by the instance they enwrapped up, the clouds opened and how! Bechara Khan reliable to move the airport in case for his 8 pm aviation hinder to Mumbai, but got stuck in the conclusion reciprocation for leash hours, says Rajni. Thank God for dwarfish mercies, Khan eventually prefab it to the airdrome in second to board the midnight air... and reached domicile exclusive as late as 2 am. Real now!