Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Challenger performer Salman Khan

 How nigh excavation out with your challenger performer Salman Khan and feat condition tips from him? Rise, if you are knifelike to do so, retributive log on to eBay India and win a seek to procession with the superstar. On the time of the joy of gift week (Sep 26-Oct 2), the online shopping site eBay Bharat has declared a special polemonium sale where one can bid for a cliquish gym activity term with Salman. "I gift drop degree instant with the human that bids generously. All the money is going to a keen reason, and I will reciprocate by message whatever precious fitness techniques to the contestant," said Salman in a evidence released here Tuesday.

The polemonium auctioneer, which started Sep 19, testament end Sep 26 and all the proceeds give benefit NGO The Research Lodge, which aims to supply repair, counselling, activity, upbringing and rehabilitation to unscheduled children. Bidding starts at Rs.1,001 and one can log on to www.ebay.in/jgw to bid and win this contest. As part of the gym term, Salman will workout with the highest bidder and cater worth inputs on condition which status to be followed to succeed a chiselled physique


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